The Character Of Personality

About: the importance of your personality

In our modern times characters are still used in theater play, opera and also movies. Character stands for individual quality. Persona used indicate the masque that was worn to play a certain role or character. The mouth was left open so the actors could be heard speaking. Hence “per sonare” or literally “sound through” or also the voice never lies. Quite different from the masks we are wearing right now. No crowns but masks. Everyone is equal. But individual personalities have become more generally important now. What kind of personality or character do you have? Does your personality fit your behavior? Does you personality fit with your colleagues personalities? And more importantly also in personal relationships, do personalities fit together? The personal personalities so to say.

The words person and personal have become almost identical to personality in our society. This has a lot to do with a more important role for the individual being in a world that has more and more inhabitants. In older times it was more important to work together and to be together, whether in a family or in a personal relationship. Personal differences could be overcome.

Personality reflects character and vice versa

Nowadays, we find it very important in a relationship that personalities match. The famous 16 personalities test was invented by Katharina Briggs Myers. She was looking for a way to evaluate her daughter Isabels intended fiancee Clarence because he seemed so different from her daughter who was self-taught. She looked for help and found the book written by Carl Jung about personalities. It handles about introvert versus extravert and sensing or intuitive, thinking and feeling. Altogether 8 (2 x 2 x 2) types were identified by Carl Jungs book Psychological Types or Archetypes. They are based on our flow of energy, how we take in information, how we prefer to make decisions.

Katharina and Isabel added another dimension which is judging or perceiving, the basic day-to-day lifestyle that we prefer. How we present ourselves to the outer world. And so the total number of personality dimensions comes to 16. Hence the 16 personalities test. “It’s so incredible to finally be understood.”. The difference between Isabel’s type preference (Introvert iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving or Diplomat: Negotiator) and Clarence’s type preference (Introvert Sensing Thinking Judging: Sentinel: Logistician). What they had in common was being introvert. But Isabel was intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving and Clarence Judging, Sensing and Thinking. They still had a good balance since they both were introverts, and they staid together for 61 years exploring each others personalities.

Be aware of and know your own personality

It is very important to be aware of your own personality and of other peoples personalities. Whether it is in a personal relation, for yourself acting towards anyone and also in working relationships. So, it is all about a combination of talents, more about talent in a later blog.

Recommendation: Do the mentioned 16 Personalities test to get to know yourself better. Remember Carl Jung already said a personality is not set in stone, if you are aware of your basic personality you can just change it or improve it.

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