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What is a genius? And can you become one yourself? By definition a person with exceptional natural ability in one or more particular areas of activity. However, it at least seems to indicate to have innovation talents based on creativity. Nowadays, the word seems to be a bit overused just as the words talent, skill and performance that also require updated definition which we will come back to in a later blog on talent development.

So how can we give the word “genius” back its original meaning and recognize people that deserve the term. Obvious examples spring to mind, such as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, Hedie Lamarr, Isabel Briggs Myers. And of course, how can you yourself become a “genius” and improve your creative talents to innovate.

The Romans saw “genius” as a way to express the inner spirit that watches over all of mankind and guides us to what we are doing in life. For example by asking exactly the right questions, write exactly the rights words, sentences, books. Paint beautiful things, from the heart. We also call this inspired. It is from our soul, the vessel that holds our being-in-potential, our star’s beacon and Polaris the North.

Not only a pianist

In other words, inside each of us is our inner genius. That is an exciting and yet comforting thought. But how do we get in touch with it? By not being afraid to try things and to fail or succeed. Every time we try something, we learn something and most importantly, we start to see what works and what doesn’t. This is true for almost anything people do, from cooking, to creating software, to help people, to be emotionally and socially intelligent, by communicating very well. Just try and you will learn. Out-of-the-box thinking and doing is the key concept here. 

And also to meditate and reflect upon what one has been learning. This can be done by listening to music, to read a book, watch a documentary, eat some very healthy and delicious food. Also to go through sensory experiences such as swimming, dancing or other Zen like experiences. We reflect upon what has happened and how we move forward both physically and mentally. We move physically by walking every day, by standing up and stretching when we have been seated a long time, and by working out in the gym or at home. The physical movement helps us develop a more fit body and mind.

Moving changes our perspective. We can see things in a different light and something emerges from what we maybe have missed. Oxygen flows to your brain and stimulates your creative thinking process. It is very easy to be critical of people that you meet who are a bit different. It is more fruitful to find answers in what you see and read, and who you encounter every day. Also, the meetings and events that you attend, the courses you take or the documentaries you watch.

DIG by doing Zen thigns

Most important is to be mindful. To be really in the moment you are in, which can change your perspective. Understanding the hidden nuances of what you saw or experienced. You can also see things that were not there before, or see ordinary things in a completely new extraordinary perspective. Creative patterns emerge. You pull them together and in one amazing moment of genius, you see that they fit. We all have an inner genius just waiting to come out. If you train it, it will emerge more often. Those moments of insight will take your personal development and your business development to a whole new level.

To give an example, when meeting new people it would be easy to put them in a box you already know and leave them there. The more creative way would be to go along with the flow of the moment or the event and to see where it is leading to. All of a sudden you can see those people in a completely new perspective that allows you yourself to move forward in an unexpected or paradoxical way. Just immersive yourself in the situation, observe and participate in a way that is natural for you. By asking a question or making a remark based on your own experience. Participate naturally and don’t be afraid of making a mistake.

Another example is cooking and eating. The easy way is to buy the ingredients on the recipe, or eat on the menu what you like or always eat. Another way is to don’t use a recipe at all but just cook with what you have and what looks nice during shopping. To rely on your senses such as taste and smell and the techniques that you understand but combine them in a different way than usual. Also, to make use of other senses next to taste such as color and smell.

Recommendation: The best way to DIG yourself, is to move both mentally and physically. As Heraclitus said: panta rhei. Everything moves and streams, has a dynamic quality next to a static quality.

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