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In the previous blog we have established that change is very much a growth process. Therefore it cannot really be rushed, to ensure that changes are lasting. But, our society demands instant gratification continuously. We want to things to happen quickly, including change to our lives such as being happy, being healthy, having interesting and satisfying jobs and relationships both personal and with our family.
The reality is that true personal change and growth are processes that take time. Growth is not a product that you can order online. It can be slow, because change and growth cannot be planned with immediate outcome and result. It is a project that takes place over time, so you need persistence and patience. It resembles more planting a seed.

Rewards: It is worth getting there, because change and growth are very rewarding. And there is progressive insight during the growth process. Smaller or larger steps need to be recognized as such. These steps do not happen automatically, but they require action, focus, attention, thought, determination and reflection. Going through the stages of growth, changes needs to be recognized as such and given a place. This is very important for growth actually to take place.

Belief and trust in the process are critical. You know that your situation may not be ideal currently, but you also know that things will get better. The outcome is not 100% guaranteed. For this reason it is important to strongly believe in change and growth. At every step it is important to be aware of it and to know how to take the next step.

From right to left

Change and growth cannot happen when you are stuck in a current situation. E.g. when you have built up defenses where you can hide from any challenge. This will prevent any opportunity to change and grow. There will be uncertain periods and you have to learn new ways to live.

Take the example of a heavy smoker. Actually quitting is not the most difficult thing and can be achieved in a couple of days. The difficulty is that the activity of smoking has become entrenched with a way of living and working and thinking. In that way it can even make change in other areas such as a change of job or career difficult. So, to actually quit smoking can be a step in a larger process that ultimately leads to a happier and more meaningful life. The act of smoking only gives instant gratification. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is if it prevents deeper change and growth as a person.

Imagination: It requires self-confidence and trust to stop with behaviors that prevent further growth. This can seem to be a big change, especially when the self-image is not so positive and the behavior can actually prevent imagination and a better self-image. This trust requires self-determination and tenacity. It requires you to rise above your own perceptions and negative thinking and self-image. To be able to imagine a better future, it is important to have dreams. When things get tough, you hold that vision firmly in your mind. Renew your commitment to the now, being present and making sure you are pointed in the right direction with the right mindset as each day unfolds based on this vision. Imagination and vision are important concepts here because they rely on the ability to visualize.

Visualize a life without smoking, e.g. by imagining a better skin and healthier lungs. Visualize yourself being happy and healthy and that other people recognize this which will have a positive impact on your whole life. You need to have the courage and willingness to step into the bigger potential for your life. Then you make it also easier to deal with setbacks, discomfort and uncertainty. The risk is worth the reward as Elon Musk says. To wake up in the morning with a day to look forward to. That is what people like Bakalchuk, Bezos, Hendricks, Jobs, Gates, Musk and Rowling were and are able to do every day.

Visualize your physical and mental health

True change can be achieved when you can see yourself differently from the way you are living now. You are open to dreaming and seeing possibilities. You are willing to believe in your success and to change. That let you grow from the ordinary into the extraordinary. And this can be achieved with any goal in mind, from smaller to bigger ones. We you to accomplish growth & change.

Recommendation: When you cross a river you need stepping stones, otherwise you will fall into the water. Is it important to define the intermediate steps and reflect so that will be maintained.

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