A highly competitive market requires rapid adjustments. A shortage of well-trained and work-tailored staff is lurking. According to employers, the current secondary and higher vocational education is not flexible enough and adaptive, is behind the facts. As a result, the Regional Training Centres (MBO) and Higher Vocational Education (HBO) lack a connection to the labour market. Due to insufficiently qualified apprentices, the market position of Dutch companies risks deteriorating.

Innovation and education

The  Netherlands, together with Germany, Finland, Denmark and Sweden, is at the forefront of innovation in Europe. But this is mainly due to the investments in Research &Amp; Development (R&D). In order to maintain this position, the impact of R&D on concrete products and services needs to be made even more, and that is what business desperately needs education for. If the Netherlands wants to maintain and strengthen its leading position in the field of innovation, the need for well-qualified and suitable staff will only increase. Especially to staff who can translate innovation into practical products and services. Innovation and growth require good cooperation between business and education and partnerships that lead to concrete steps in the innovation process of education. The Blended Group is happy to help you, as an educational institution or as an employer, set up, set up and maintain this collaboration. And with the realization of concrete solutions and innovations in the field of education.  

Steve Jobs vision of entrepreneurial education

Bill Gates vision of the education of the future