The moon landing took place in 1969 and was based on collective and focused positive energy. Although we are more advanced technologically now then we were then, currently there are more problems with healthcare and wellbeing. There is an effective approach to improve your personal life and wellbeing. By starting to look at what the issues really are and to provide concrete and simple solutions. “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” as Neil Armstrong said.

Why is wellbeing so important?

Rapid changes have taken place in society over the last 30 years. We have become vulnerable for small changes and events, and everything is happening at a much faster pace. The (social) media confronts everyone everyday with a flood of “negative” information and events. It makes it hard to also see the positive side. Especially now with the pandemic crisis.

At a personal level there is less job security, less relational stability, less financial security and less mental and physical health. If we let ourselves be influenced by all the seemingly bad rapid changes in society and personal life. This causes stress and anxiety that a lot of people cannot cope with and makes them feel not well which can lead to other difficulties.

Bring back the important feeling of wellbeing back into your life. The key is to find the right “small” changes and to really make them work. Focus on your possibilities and resources. Turn around, make a unexpected change and grow from there. Less can be more, when it is exactly the right thing to do.

Creating energy in a positive way allows you to create wellbeing and to solve difficulties. A major lesson we can draw from the current health crisis is to focus on your own gut feeling and stay healthy and feeling well. Expectations of others or of the society can lead to stress and anxiety. You can reinvent yourself by making small changes based on insight.

Do you need help?

Help is important to ask for help and to get the right support. What are the issues, which ones are the most important to tackle quickly, and how to create a path of success and meaning. Look at some examples of how you can create new wellbeing and success.