Life events and changes or developments can lead to challenges for our normal feeling of wellbeing. Think about your ecoomic situation, healthcare issues, relational and familiity difficulties, work-related issues. We all experience this at points in life and they can become a challenge for our feeling of wellbeing which prevents or blocks our dealing with these situations. A couple of examples and potential solutions are described here that can help you finding back you wellbeing and be prepared better.

Challenge: Move to a new type of job

Economic circumstances force people to move to a new type of job that can be completely different than before. This requires a change of mind leading to feelings of insecurity and stress. The change to a new job can be difficult. But it can also give completely new opportunities.

Challenge: Spend more time together and flourish

Couples are leading parallel lives where most daily time is spent on work and colleagues. Suddenly they are compelled to each other a lot more. It can be difficult to adapt to this new situation. But there are also opportunities of course. To experience and value each other more as persons is a good start.

Advise: Adopt a healthier lifestyle for good

Sudden changes in society and in general the current health situation lead to drastic social changes for good. This can be a good moment to also adopt a healthier lifestyle for good. Which means healthier food, less food, more exercise and movement. No smoking, less alcohol, no meat or just white meat and fish, more vegetables and to adopt a different way of cooking and buying ingredients.

Take the time each day to go out for at least an hour. Preferably together with your partner. Instead of watching TV and opinion and news programs with a lot of negativity bias, listen to music or read a book. If possible spend time every day on meditation before going to bed. Try to sleep at least 6 hours and get up early. Reserve the time to enjoy a healthy breakfast together. It is very good for body and soul and to discuss plans for the day.

Advise: Create new products and solutions

In a changing market it is important to be flexible and proactive, reacting with new products and solutions. A good example are restaurants that are providing a better home delivery service or a shift from imported products to local products. Or to extend the product and solutions with new or additional products and services that fit the market better. And also to look at new potential customer groups in addition to existing ones. There are threats and weaknesses, but there are also strengths and opportunities.

Challenge: Change lifestyle and gain valuable insight

Healthy habits such as eating and moving can deteriorate over time. Almost with unknowingly one gains weight or feels less well. Now you have to replace old habits or routines by new habits and routines. That may seem like a degradation, but can actually lead to valuable new insights.

Challenge: Change your way of working

Online working can be challenging. One has to adopt to new ways of working, e.g. doing almost everything online or virtual instead of meeting people. It can be a challenge to focus and share time different tasks without getting disturbed. But one has more time to think about creative ideas, and work in a different way.

Advise: Work effectively without meeting in person

In these times people are more or less forced to work at home without meetings in person. In other countries such as the US this is already a custom for many years due to the cost and time needed for travelling. However it can be a challenge for some people to work effectively in those circumstances. How to not be distracted by home affairs or family members.

How to be disciplined enough and reserve time for meetings, and for doing the required work. How to share results with colleagues and customers. How to stay content working remotely. For many people it is already a way of working they are happy with. It also has its advantages, especially regarding the time available for doing shopping, walks, cooking. These normal daily activities are often either not possible or become stressful in habitual ways of working. It’s all about the balance of work and personal life.

Advise: Enjoy life without social and family meetings

Most people are used to having a lot of social and family meetings during the week and in the weekends. Suddenly there is less opportunity for this way of living. This can lead to a feeling of loss in the value and meaning of life. There are alternatives that are being used by many people all over the world. These can to a large extent fill the gap and allow for a meaningful social and family life. Social and family life can also be enjoyed in different ways with more social distance. But still with the same emotional proximity, which is important for personal well-being.


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