An approach based on First Principles. What are the fundamental facts? It means to look at yourself honestly. And find out that the situation is not hopeless, and not so serious as you may think if you take the right steps and actions.

Based on the First Principles of Life approach, we create an action plan focusing on real issues and small steps. This can be challenging, We never recommend to take anti-depressants.

Creating balance between mind, body and soul. Just by looking at simple turn around options. How to do things slightly different. We can help to establish the best and easiest way and to get there. Contact us for more information.


Job change

A 45 year old man was dismissed from his well-paid high-level responsible sales job. Subsequently he subscribed a contract with a startup company. The payment of salary was variable. It was a high risk situation. The new company did not make any money for the first two years. It took time until were able to create a new product.

Advice: Focus on the most important values,

Result: He found a job with a different role and thrived

Maybe there were other factors that made it a success previously, not only the absence of a new product. After making the decision to leave, he took his time to look for a new job via other networks and found one. Not anymore in sales which might have been an Achilles heel. The new job is less high risk but provides a steady income and is still in the innovation area of society.

Life change

A 35 year old woman was laid off from a large technology company due to an economic crisis. It was advised to her to get out of this situation by investing time and effort in her personal passion: baking bread. She opened a bakery which became an immediate success and now she is very happy again fulfilling her passion and making a career out of her hobby.

Advice: Always follow your passion.

Result: She opened her own bakery and was immediately successful

Work change

A 40 year old woman was working for a clothing company as a sales person. She is a very good sales person but did not find it very satisfying to work for this company because the products they sold did not really fit with the market. For this reason the company had economical difficulties and not much later she was dismissed.

Advice: Focus your talents on things you really like to do.

Result: She started selling what she likes to sell

It was advised to start selling products that she really liked and people really wanted to buy. She decided to start selling flowers which she really loved. Her own flower boutique was opened. It was a very good decision because the new products (flowers) fitted well her with her own interests and passion and also fitted ideally with what the market and customers were looking for. It became a great success.

Create your own happiness of mind, body and soul and become successful by making a change for the better and grow.

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