10 Benefits for Learning supported by interactive video

Two thirds of employees and workers are not optimally engaged with their daily work. Here are ten reasons for starting to use video based learning right now and take advantage of the gains in productivity and engagement:

  1. Visual learning is natural, one learns from watching others. Alfred Bandura, the famous Canadian learning psychologist, calls this “social learning”. It happens all the time on the work floor and video is the best way to facilitate that by recording and using playback at any time to review.

  2. It is supported by Enterprise mobility, everybody brings his or her own video recording and playback device. Video based learning becomes pervasive and can be deployed anywhere, anytime.

  3. On the job training is the most effective way to use this in the context of where and when it is needed and can be blended with mentoring and coaching as a virtual apprenticeship tool.

  4. Supports bite-sized learning. Exactly the right amount of knowledge for the particular challenge on the work floor and the specific audience addressed.

  5. Just-in-time learning of how to do your job is the most efficient and effective way and maximizes human retention.

  6. Video can be paused, accelerated, slowed down and repeated easily, as well being bookmarked and fragmented into useful topics.

  7. Video allows for visual storytelling which is a very engaging way of providing new knowledge in exactly the right context and helps to overcome the limitations of human short term memory imposed by textual information processing.

  8. Interactive video makes it possible to allow for branching narrative scenarios that can be used to create a more immersive and realistic learning experience and also to track individual behavior via questions and choices.

  9. Video can be created on the work floor with actual employees even by colleagues to allow for a more realistic and authentic learning experience and also to create a collaborative, creative and engaging work experience.

  10. Interactive video is an important aspect of modern learning and supported by modern technologies such as augmented and mixed reality, part of the near future of the internet of things and it prepares for the future of personalized, adaptive learning.

H5P has created the interactive video learning content type that supports all the advantages that video based learning provides to the modern manufacturing industry that creates modern products using modern production methods which requires a highly engaged workforce. New knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer technologies deal with all the knowledge challenges in manufacturing such as onboarding, upskilling, compliance, consistency and quality.

Integration with a Learning Record Store makes all video learning experiences trackable and measurable which allows for remediation, adaptation and personalized knowledge interventions on the go.

Göran Kattenberg, Ph.D.

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