Become Calm With Subtle Audiovisual Stimulation

About: Communication which is 90% non-verbal

ArkDes (Architecture and Design) Museum in Stockholm lies next to the Modern Museet at Skeppsholm. Here one can visit an exhibition about ASMR called Weird Sensation Feels Good. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Basically it is about subtle audiovisual stimulation. It is a tingly sensation that usually begins in the crown of the head and works its way down the back and through the limbs. The feeling is extremely relaxing and is often triggered by soft sounds, soft voices, whispering and light touching. Many people have an ASMR experience during a head massage or a facial, having their hair played with or while someone strokes their arm.

Most individuals who experience ASMR, have strong memories of when this feeling was triggered as a child. For me, I always remember enjoying eye tests, having my hair played with and quiet time in class as the other students read books and slowly turned the pages. It is also triggered or combined with visuals as can be seen on the videos on the ArkDes Website.

ArkDes Weird Sensation Feels Good Exhibition

ASMR is a term that describes a physical sensation: euphoria or deep calm, sometimes a tingling in the body. In recent years an online audience of millions has grown, dedicated to watching the work of designers and content creators who try to trigger this feeling in their viewers.

Here is an example of calming sounds. It can be sounds, but also a voice. E.g. think about the voice of the hairdresser while cutting your hair. How does ASMR relate to calmness? Well, ASMR videos Youtube and the Calm App both offer accessible relief from day-to-day stress.

Not everyone experiences the sensation of ASMR. Even for those who experience it, the videos made to induce it are not always appealing. Each person has a unique set of triggers, in the same way, that people prefer different food or music. That’s why there is a huge variety of content available. Some people who have never heard of ASMR videos or who have different sensitivities find it hard to understand the intention behind them or why others might enjoy them. Millions of people experience this calming effect. It’s a lot of fun and wonderful to see people enjoying this calmness together, but it is also being able to reach out to others with love, kindness, acceptance, and courage is everything. Sensitive people of the world can unite with ASMR. We can make a difference! It just works.

Recommendation: It is very important to daily reflect or meditate. Amient non-verbal sounds and visual can be used to almost hypnotize the brain for this purpose.

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