Developing Talent with Balance

About: The balance between skill, motivation and personality

The word talent comes from the Greek word Talenton, which means scales or balance. Later, this word has come to take on a different meaning, in general aptitude, giftedness. It stands for what someone has in their luggage to be able to successfully execute a certain job and grow within the organization. But that original meaning is interesting. It is not just about the ability itself but about the balance between the three components: being able, wanting and being. In other words, competencies, motivation and personality. If this balance is and remains in order, then talent can be dynamic and a person can grow into a position and the talent can continue to develop.

Talenton: Balance

It is a prerequisite in today’s economy. Society and technology are developing at a very rapid pace. Every year there are new developments in the fields of energy, sustainability, communication and information technology, biotechnology and artificial intelligence. Companies and organizations need people who can function well and contribute in these innovative and challenging times.

More and more social and emotional intelligence are important, and a little bit less about the basic competencies because they are constantly changing. The ability to work well together and communicate with others and learn from others on the basis of their own personal characteristics in order to be able to share knowledge and (re)use knowledge. Personal characteristics such as resilience and curiosity and being able to listen and work together well are now the most important abilities. To be able to balance your talents.

The balance between competence, motivation and personality is very important. Every individual person has a lot of knowledge and deepening and broadening of knowledge takes place on the basis of individual needs. When you start out in a job you have different knowledge needs than an experienced operator. But both positions must be able to grow in their talent within their careers and personal life.

Herbert von Karajan Multitalent with a Greek background

What is very important is that knowledge is shared. So that a talent pool is created with the right knowledge to start provided by more experienced people. Also to be able to develop new talents. It may be that the knowledge of very experienced people is not sufficiently available in education. Experienced people make their knowledge available with the aim of developing the future-proof talent needed for today’s society and business. And they can focus on new areas. Think about people like Wernher von Braun who made available his knowledge and experience from to enable Moon rockets last century and Mars rockets this century. The Saturnus 5 rocket from the 1960’s is still not equaled, but will be very soon. It was actually designed as a Mars rocket. He also predicted the name of Elon as the leader on Mars in a book on Project Mars. Another multi-talent. People with multiple talents have to balance them much in the same way as a professional juggler. But only accompanied by a balanced lifestyle.

Recommendation: Develop your talents all the time, but do not focus only on skills, but also what you want to achieve and what it means to you.

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